[★TRENDING] Chinese Netizens slam SM after including Tao in latest EXO merchandise

SM Entertainment has announced the release of EXO’s latest merchandise, Paper Toy, generating a lot of buzz as Tao has been included.

On June 17th, SM Entertainment revealed EXO’s Paper Toy, which consists of paper figures for each of the group members. Upon hearing the news, fans were quick to note that, despite currently promoting with only nine members and the uncertainty surrounding his status, Tao has been included as a member.

The news was revealed on EXO-M’s official Weibo account, garnering criticisms against the agency for its latest decision and posting:

[+167] Tao’s fans also don’t want Tao to appear on this Weibo account’s postings, so to ex-teammates’ fans, please watch what you say. Thank you.

[+152] Stop posting about my Tao. Too many crazies here. Being under fire for no reason.

[+149] You didn’t even post about Tao’s activities and news when he was in the group. Now that he is not in the group, please continue your previous style and don’t mention him.

[+133] Begging SM to let Tao go.

[+127] You know, there is no use to criticize Tao here. Let’s start a petition for SM to stop releasing merchandise with Tao.

Source: SMTOWN and Weibo