Choo Sa Rang earns the nickname “Choodrey Tautou” with her new hair cut

Adorable Choo Sa Rang from Superman is Back will feature her new hair style for the episode airing on November 9th. Her distinct short hair style has garnered attention for looking similar to that of actress Audrey Tautou on the movie Amelie, earning the nickname, “Choodrey Tautou.”

In the set of revealed photos released on November 8th, Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sa Rang are enjoying their fun family time in a park. Although her new hair style is hard to pull it off, Choo Sa Rang is an exception as the short cut and round eyes resemble that of Audrey Tautou on Amelie. 

According to the production of Superman is Back, “We feel like the kids grow every time we visit to film. In particular, we were not only surprised with Choo Sa Rang’s fast growth and maturity in diction, but also her new hair style enhancing her adorable look.”

Meanwhile, Choo Sa Rang’s new hair style has become popular among the netizens, leaving comments such as “Sa Rang is getting prettier every time we see her,” “She is dolling up like her parents’ exceptional look,” “She is just like Audrey Tautou. We should give her a new nickname ‘Choodrey’,” and many more favourable responses.

Source: Starin edaily