Choo Sarang is ready to go to work in her mother’s pumps

Superman Returns’ Choo Sarang recently put on a private fashion show for her mother Yano Shiho, putting on her mother’s pumps as she walked down the makeshift runway.

Yano Shiho shared photos of her 3 -year old daughter via her Instagram on December 8th, writing, “Posing for her mother in the middle of the night with high heels,” and “Walking out the room with high heels.”

In one photo, Choo Sarang can be seen standing in her mother’s pumps much larger than her own feet with hands on her hips, mimicking a model. With purse on her shoulder and pumps worn, Choo Sarang walks away and out the room in another.

Currently, Choo Sarang is appearing as part of Superman Returns with her father Choo Sung Hoon.