Choo Sung Hoon and Shiho Yano reminisce over the time they first met on “Return of Superman”

In a recent episode of Return of Superman, Choo Sung Hoon and his wife Shiho Yano reminisced over the time they first met while on a picnic with their daughter.

The 89th episode, titled “Dad is a Man,” of Return of Superman officially aired on August 2nd.

Going out to the park with their daughter Choo Sarang, Shiho Yano said to her husband, “Remember when we first met?” to which he replied, “I remember…that you were really cute.”

“How about right now?” Shiho Yano asked, but he abruptly said, “You ate the age (meaning she got older).”

When talking about their ideal types, she once again asks him, “How about now?” to which he answered, “It’s the same, teasing her but reassuring her that she is still his ideal type.