Chorong apologizes for spelling gaffe

After receiving a lot of criticism for her spelling error in her post dedicated to the tragic events in Paris, Apink‘s Chorong released an official apology for her mistake. In the original post to Apink’s fan cafe, the A Cube Entertainment singer mistakenly wrote “Play for Paris” instead of the symbolic “Pray for Paris,” leading many netizens to criticize her for not checking her spelling before publishing her post. In response to such criticisms, the Apink leader released an official apology, and promised fans that she will be more careful in the future. A translation of the singer’s apology can be found below:

“No matter how dumb I am, I’m not someone who’d upload something without knowing the spelling.. I don’t know why I wrote it like that. I’m curious about my fingers too.. Anyway, I did write it wrong, so I guess I really am an idiot.. I surprised myself when I saw it after it was published and fixed it right away.. But you guys already took a screenshot of it and started talking about it.. I didn’t know it was this widespread until my friend texted me about it.. aigoo haha… Anyway! I was just ranting because I was upset. I meant well and I really wanted to pay my respects, but one letter completely changed the meaning. I’m really sorry and I’ll be more careful next time!”

[#초롱] 제가 스펠링도 모르고 글 올리는 성격은 아닌데.. 왜그렇게 썼을까요 저도 궁금하네요.. 글 올려놓고 깜짝 놀라서 글 올라가자마자 바로 고쳤는데.. 이렇게나 글이 퍼진걸 친구한테 문자가와서 알았네요.. 아이…

Posted by Apink on Saturday, November 14, 2015