Chrome Entertainment reveals cryptic Christmas project teaser

Whispers and murmurs have been accumulating amongst fans, as Chrome Entertainment unveils a cryptic photo of what appears to be the first teaser for a Chrome Family Christmas collaboration.

The catalyst of the anticipation that has been spreading amongst fans like wildfire is a simple red photo uploaded on Crayon Pop’s official Facebook page. The image consists of red paper cut-outs that form a Christmas tree, with the captions “2014 CHROME FAMILY,” and “A VERY SPECIAL CHRISTMAS.”

Many have been speculating that it is a teaser for a Chrome Family Christmas collaboration, which, if true, is expected to be one of the many Christmas collaborations to come, as the label-mates of Starship Entertainment have also recently partaken in company Christmas promotions.

Chrome Family consists of Chrome Entertainment’s 4 idol groups: Crayon Pop, K-MuchBob Girls, and Zan Zan. Chrome Family has previously collaborated for numerous concerts, with the first one, Chrome Happy Concert, held in Cheongju earlier this year on June 21st. Since then, they have gone on to holding concerts in Japan, starting with the First Chrome Family in Japan Concert back in October at Shinagawa, Tokyo.