[★BREAKING] CL releases debut track “Dr. Pepper” with Diplo, RiFF RAFF and OG Maco

CL is making history today with the release of her debut track, “Dr. Pepper”, alongside hiphop acts RiFF RAFF and OG MACO with Diplo

While other artists have released English versions of their tracks, they’ve mostly still been K-Pop. Notably, Girls’ GenerationBoASE7EN, and of course PSY have taken to America for the international audience but still with a very K-Pop feel to it.

CL takes things to a new level with a very, very American style song. In an exclusive interview with The Fader, CL revealed, “Diplo canceled a session on me, and I was so mad at him. I was drinking a can of Dr. Pepper and wrote the song so I could go home as soon as possible, Diplo ended up loving it!”

Dipole shared more about the track, when asked by The Fader revealing, “CL and I go back a long way, from the first time YG contacted me about six years ago. I ended up being in the video for Chris Brown’s ‘Look At Me Now’ and I met G-Dragon and T.O.P [of BIGBANG]. I worked with them before I knew what K-pop was, to be honest.”

He continued on to say, “I’ve been active in CL’s first full-length album, mostly trying to find a right balance between glossy K-pop attitude and keeping CL positioned where she belongs—as the baddest coolest female out right now. ‘Dr. Pepper’ is something that might not register that well with actual K-pop, seeing as it’s a straight Atlanta-style rap record, but the net around K-pop is so wide that it can be anything with confidence and style. Thats what CL brings to it.”

Listen to the track below:

Source: The Fader