CL talks about school life and favorite American TV shows with “Complex”

CL of 2NE1 answers personal questions and shares her off-stage personality in an interview with Complex.

Complex had an opportunity to sit and listen to CL share her experiences of growing up prior to being becoming an idol as well as what her favorite American television shows are.

As a student, CL attended an international school and she shares, “I went to international school, like, my whole life—in France, in Japan, and also in Korea. I would feel like an alien, because it’s not like, I’m not totally Korean, not totally Japanese, you know? Sometimes, it was hard. And I think that my friends that go to school here or in Paris, they find it harder. You know I started working early, so it was kind of easy for me.

When asked whether she is more extroverted or introverted, CL says, “I’m an open book. Like, I love making friends, and I’m not afraid to be a fan of somebody. I feel like I can learn from anyone. I like getting inspired, meeting new people, talking to them about their lives and listening to what they went through.”

CL claims she was mature at a young age and enjoyed listening to her teachers’ stories: “Actually, I think I was a good student. I was the type with was close with the teachers. I think I was really mature from when I was young, so I would, like, have lunch with the teachers and chill with them. Not in a kissing ass way. I just can’t do that. But yeah, I was friends with them. And all my friends were always older than me. I really like listening to people’s stories and that they’ve been through all that.”

When asked about her favorite American television shows, CL says she prefers shows like, “Friends and Modern Family type of stuff. Because I think my daily life is so dramatic that when I go back home, I like to sit back and watch those stuff I cannot do, you know?

In the interview, CL also shares what her favorite food is to eat when she is in the States, what type of music she has been consistently listening to at the moment, and how her father feels about her musical career.

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