Clara records herself moaning with adult toy for upcoming movie

On the 9th of December, a press conference for the upcoming film “Working Girl” took place with Actress Jo Yeo Jung, Clara and Director Jung Bumsik in attendance.

At the press conference Director Jung revealed, “Nanhee (Clara’s character) has a scene where she tests a vibrating panty. This product exists only in the movie and Clara seemed to be worried about the scene because she would have to act like she was experiencing great pleasure for the scene. I was worried too. The day before the scene Clara asked the director for one of the adult toys on set. The next day she came to me with a recording of herself and asked me to confirm!”

The director continued on to reveal, “Sitting next to a beauty who’d been voted the 2nd most beautiful woman listening to the recorded sound and having her ask me ‘How is it? Am I doing it right?’ put me in a state of panic.”

Clara added onto the conversation, revealing, “I studied up on the toys for the movie because as a CEO in the movie I needed to have profound knowledge of [the toys].”

Source: Joogang