Clara’s pictorial essay “Clara’s Secret” has been published

Clara, otherwise known as Lee Sung Min, can now add author onto her list of impressive occupations, following the publication of her first book, a pictorial essay by the title of “Clara’s Secret”!

Clara broke the good news to her fans on her official Twitter account by uploading a tweet captioned, “<CLARA’s SECRET> written by CLARA just got published!” on November 4th. The tweet was then followed by two breathtaking photos of herself, presumably a part of the many gorgeous photos that are to be expected and anticipated from the book.

The first of the two photos showcases three copies of her book, all opened at different pages. Each copy presents followers with dazzling photos of the actress. While the images of her jogging and posing in lingerie leave fans awestruck at her aesthetic perfection, the main point of focus is the image of her face on the front cover of her book. The cover photo accentuates her natural beauty with minimal make-up and a gentle gaze. The sunlight that warmly embraces the top of the photo creates a soft glow that creates a comfortable, yet quite ethereal tone to the overall photo.

However, it is the second photo that was truly the show stopper, showcasing the fit body that Clara is well-known for. She uses minimal make-up and a wind-swept bun to pull the attention away from her facial features. Her figure and flawless build act as the main attraction, with the use of greyscale tints to accentuate the smoothness of her complexion.

“Clara’s Secret” has been announced to contain all of her secrets in health, fashion and lifestyle. Its content inlcludes her recommended exercise regime, shopping know-how’s, hot international shopping locations, daily lifestyle, airport fashion tips, and the secret to maintaining a low-salt vegetarian diet, among other topics that are expected to spark interest amongst young women.


Source: TV Report