CLC joins Twitter ahead of their debut

With their debut fast approaching, Cube Entertainment girl group CLC opened a Twitter account to keep in touch with and send updates to fans. 

With their first tweet, the girls of CLC attached a photo of their signatures for fans, showing off their individual autographs that fans are already dying to get. In addition to the photo of the autographs, the group also left a message for fans, which read, “This is Cube Entertainment‘s global new girl ‘CLC’‘s official Twitter. Here is CLC’s first message for fans. Greetings :) Please expect a lot from us!

So far, the group has revealed several group photos, as well as member profiles for four of the five members. To familiarize fans with the group, Cube Entertainment has uploaded several episodes of a series called CLC’s Love Chemistry, which follows the group’s busking performances and other activities as they worked toward their debut.

Make sure to check out the girls’ first tweet below!