CLC teaches fans their lovely moves from “Pepe” on 1theK’s “Let’s Dance”

With their debut track gaining popularity among fans, Cube Entertainment rookie girl group CLC took to 1theK‘s Let’s Dance program to teach viewers the choreography for “Pepe.”

Described as a retro dance track used to warn about guys who keep girls on the hook, “Pepe” will definitely help girls break free.

As with every episode of Let’s Dance, the choreography for “Pepe” is broken up into three parts: the Penguin dance, the Confused dance, and lastly, the Shutter dance. The girls break up into two groups for the first two parts of the walk-through, and reunite as a group of five to finish off their lesson.

“Pepe,” which teaches girls to be independent and strong, is definitely a strong debut track with a powerful message. Fans who are interested in learning the choreography to the catchy song will definitely find CLC’s Let’s Dance video very helpful.

Make sure to check out the video below!