CLC’s Yeeun Reveals What NCT Dream’s Jeno Does That Makes Her Heart Melt

She didn’t even hesitate.

Both CLC‘s Yeeun and NCT Dream‘s Jeno have been hosting MTV‘s The Show for a while. Because of that, it seems they’ve developed a friendly bond.


Yeeun showed that when asked to choose which male idol’s eye-smile makes her heart flutter among the ones filming.

With VICTON‘s Byungchan, Song Yuvin, Kim Kookheon, and Lee Sejin to choose from, she bypassed them all and selected Jeno.

At the time, she had only seen a few of their eye smiles. Despite that, she didn’t need to see anyone else’s. She knew Jeno’s was the best.

How quickly she answered took everyone by surprise. Based on Yeeun and Jeno’s friendship, though, it fits. Anyone who’s seen Jeno’s eye smile would agree as well.