CNBLUE’s Yonghwa challenges Kim Jong Kook to another battle on “Running Man”

Being the most-appeared guest on Running Man, CNBLUE’s Yonghwa has fans hyped up once again with a challenge invitation sent to the tiger and commander Kim Jong Kook!

On May 22nd, Yonghwa posted a message for Kim Jong Kook on Weibo, saying, “Kim Jong Kook Hyung! You’ve been doing well lately, right??? Let’s have another round of battle again sometime!!!???

While Kim Jong Kook has not yet responded to the challenge, fans have already been expressing their anticipation for another battle between the two Running Man powerhouses.

Upon reading the invitation, fans left playful replies on Yonghwa’s Weibo post, including, “Nothing can stop Yonghwa’s desire to become a permanent cast member on Running Man,” “Weren’t you the one who knelt down in front of Tiger hyung to apologize just two months ago? Commander Yong?”, and “Hahaha, Yonghwa-ah, you’re going to Running Man again? Or are you just showing off the Tiger’s name tag again because you’re bored?”, showing off a great relationship between the star and his fans.

Source: Yonghwa’s Weibo