CNBLUE’s Yonghwa expresses his gratitude for “Running Man”

CNBLUE’s Yonghwa simply cannot contain his excitement as he filmed for an upcoming episode of Running Man, and decided to share it with all his fans!

On March 31st, Yonghwa uploaded two selcas on his Weibo, saying, “Everyone at Running Man, long time no see~ I’m Running Man’s most-appeared guest! I’m so happy to see everyone again. I’m so grateful towards this show because everyone here takes care of me so much!!!!

The two selcas feature Yonghwa dressed up in a light-coloured windbreaker, with Haha and Ji Suk Jin hanging out in the background. Yonghwa commented, “Together with Big Nose Hyung Ji Suk Jin and Haha Hyung.

This will be Yonghwa’s first appearance on Running Man since early 2014. Besides Yonghwa, the episode will also feature FTISLAND’s Hongki and Jung Ilwoo.

Source: Weibo