Comedian Jang Dong Min volunteers to step down from “Sixth Man” Project

In response to controversy regarding past discriminatory comments against women, comedian Jang Dong Min has volunteered to step down from the highly aspired “Sixth Man” Project for MBC’s variety show, Infinite Challenge. 

Just last weekend, Jang Dong Min’s past discriminatory remarks have garnered heated criticisms once again. With such controversy, the comedian volunteered to withdraw from the “Sixth Man” Project on April 14th. Although Yoo Jae Suk detained Jang Dong Min’s decision, he did not want the production team and the crew members of Infinite Challenge to encounter inconveniences due to his past behaviours and remarks.

His message to the Infinite Challenge included: “With the current situation, I do not wish to cause any inconvenience to the ‘Infinite Team’ and its beloved fans due to my desires and selfishness.. hence, as feeble I am, I want to express my apology by volunteering to withdraw from the nomination as one of the candidates.”

According to an affiliate, “Jang Dong Min did not have much thought on being a regular crew member for the ‘Sixth Man’ Project since the beginning. I remember that he tried hard to show funny and humorous personalities for broadcasting. I heard that he is very sorry to cause inconveniences to other nominees and the production team due to the recent controversy.”

Meanwhile, Jang Dong Min has also expressed his remorse through his radio program after the controversy, “I have nothing to say. I want to apologize to everyone who has been offended by me.” 

Source: Osen