Comedian Kim Kiri reveals his close relationship with his father

Comedian Kim Kiri proves that even adult men enjoy showing signs of affection to their parents, as he reveals his close relationship with his father.

Kiri appeared as a special guest on the October 18th broadcast of KBS 2TV’s The Human Condition, where he revealed that his relationship with his father remains intimate and close, due their constant exchange of ‘skinship’.

The mission for this week’s broadcast was to ‘go on a vacation with your mentor’. This lead to one of the cast members, comedian Kim Joon Hyun mentioning that although one of his closest mentors is his father, they had never gone on a vacation together, to which Kim Kiri revealed that, “I even give my dad small pecks. However, we don’t really converse.”

Another fellow cast member, Jung Taeho, emphasized the fact that it was ‘skinship without convsersation’, which lead to Kim Junho calling it, “platonic love”. However, Kim Kiri found a way to rebutt, asking, “Isn’t it the other way around?”, gathering laughter from the crew.

Check out the October 18th episode of The Human Condition to watch the cast having fun on their vacations!


Source: Newsen