Competition heats up for the role of the “Sixth Man” on “Infinity Challenge”

Choosing just one more member for the variety show proves to be strenuous and challenging for the cast of Infinity Challenge, with just five contestants left to take the role of “Sixth Man.”

Having begun this latest mission to seek out their sixth member, the eight contestants have been narrowed down to just five on the April 4th episode – ZE:A’s Kwanghee, Jang Dong Min, Hong Jin Kyung, Kang Kyun Sung, and Super Junior’s Siwon. The five of them have all individually sent in a new mission idea to the original Infinity Challenge crew, and the creativity and humor of their created mission will be judged. And with this, the real survival battle has begun.

On the most recent episode, the contestants underwent a lie detector test, as the members of the show continually pelted them with questions to test their mental stability. Following the event, each contestant was allowed to vote for two others. In the end, the chosen five received the most votes, securing their position for the next round. With the numbers having gone down from 21 to 8, and now 5, the competition grows fierce for the upcoming episodes.

From now on, Kwanghee, Jang Dong Min, Hong Jin Kyung, Kang Kyun Sung, and Choi Siwon are planning to star in the real filming of the show to further test their variety skills, while the dropped contestants – Yoo Byung Jae, Jeon Hyun Moo, and Seo Janghoon – have been requested to come back on the show as “friends” of the cast later on.

Continue to stay tuned with Infinity Challenge for further results!

Source: OSEN