Compilation of Choi Jin Hyuk’s 20 different facial expressions in “Pride and Prejudice”

On December 16th, Choi Jin Hyuk’s agency Red Brick House shared a compilation of 20 different expressions made by the actor in the MBC drama Pride and Prejudice.

In Pride and Prejudice, Choi Jin Hyuk’s character is a law school graduate, working alongside another prosecutor who has 10 years of experience, represented by actress Baek Jin Hee. The two actors have been receiving rave reviews for their great chemistry working together on the drama set lately.

Choi Jin Hyuk’s profound acting skills can be seen in the photo collage of the different expressions that he made during the filming on Pride and Prejudice. The different expressions included are: (row one) surprised, troubled, flustered, ill-tempered, sly, (row two) worried, sullen, scared, disregarding, sad, (row three) cutesy, angry, stunned, serious, pitiful, (row four) fussy, sleepy, frustrated, jealous, and delighted.

The popular actor flawlessly evolves into his character on camera and even makes the slight changes in his facial expressions to channel similar emotions, like being worried and troubled.

choi jin hyuk
Photo: Star News.

Source: Star News