A controversial post sparks a war between sexes online

On a popular Korean community site called Pann, a post complaining about the huge appearance discrepancy between men and women of Korea went viral.

Originally titled, “There’s really not many good looking guys these days,” the post claimed than Korean men are not up to par with the women in terms of appearance and discussed why that may be.

“It’s hard to find handsome Korean guys. If you go to big cities and trending places it’s not that hard but in normal everyday places like school and work, it’s extremely hard. 

The appearance driven culture of Korea has only applied to women for a long time and the men have neglected their appearance for a long time.

The women have been raised hearing that they have to look pretty to be loved and the culture is such that it places a large significance on women’s appearance.

The men young or old rudely judge women on their appearance. As a result women resort to investing a lot into their appearance with dieting and plastic surgery to rid themselves of such stress.

Women always have men around them that are at least interested in them making moves but there are a lot of men out there that have never even held a girl’s hand. Many of them have to chase women for the longest time to start even dating.

Men are always interested in all women around him but women only care about the few good looking men. Of course men gravitate towards the hottest women but even those who aren’t have men interested in them.

Men on the other hand don’t attract the attention of women unless they are handsome. That is because on average Korean women look a lot better than the men.

I’ve heard women say that they know men that they would be embarrassed to be seen with but I’ve never heard such things being said the other way around.

If women realize that they aren’t attractive they work on their appearance but men? They don’t even realize that their appearance might be a problem and there are a lot of men that are overweight that don’t even attempt to lose weight.

For some reason, however they think they deserve beautiful women. While in reality the pretty women have no reason to choose these loser men over the handsome men.

Even when they are refused by women they don’t realize that their appearance might be a problem. They keep drinking, smoking and they keep getting fatter and their skin become worse.

This has become a reality in Korea that women have had to lower their standards. Even in entertainment you may see ugly actors playing lead roles but have you ever seen an ugly actress play lead?

Men have to realize that their appearance might not be where they think it is. Go take a look at a mirror and see if you’ve neglected your appearance. Although I’m sure that most men will still think that they are above average..”

[+ 350, – 50] Well they do say 1/3 of the male population in Korea is overweight… and they still judge women on appearance. I wish they would wake up and realize what they are like.

[+ 319, – 54] Objectively speaking when I look at couples walking around outside..the gap in appearance is big. Most of the time the women are a lot prettier than the men. I wish Korea would hand out mirrors to the men to make them realize how ugly they really are.

[+ 207, – 276] The women of Korea need to bow to plastic surgery clinics at least 3 times a day and clean cosmetic shop washrooms for free every week. The saying “Southern men, Norther women” (old saying that the men are handsome in the south and the women beautiful in the north) exist for a reason.

[+ 107, – 7] This is so true I know a really pretty unni and she married an ugly man. I guess he had a complex and after they got married he kept teasing her and calling her a pig. Now the unni’s confidence is so low..

[+ 105, – 0 ] There are a lot of men who neglect their appearance. They all want pretty women even if their appearance is lacking. They rank women based on appearance. I’m not saying don’t look for pretty women, but take care of your appearance if you want pretty women. Men keep saying men are ranked on their wealth and women on their appearance but they criticize women if they rank men based on wealth.

[+ 87, – 134] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ always the ugly women that praise each other and delude themselves ㅋㅋㅋ Oh my unni you’re so pretty~oh no! you’re prettier and when you see them they’re both orcs ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

Source: Pann