Cool’s Yuri updates fans on the progress of her baby daughter Ri Ha

It’s always nice to see our favorite childhood idols moving onto having beautiful families, and first generation idol group Cool’s Yuri is the next to show off her beautiful offspring!

It’s only been a short five months since Yuri and her husband’s daughter Sa Ri Ha’s birth was brought into this world, but the beautiful little girl continues to lighten up Yuri’s Instagram brighter and brighter with each post.

Yuri’s Instagram update on January 25th especially had fans cooing over the lovely mother-daughter chemistry the pair were drowning us in. Baby Ri Ha can be seen pulling off one of the best examples of “pushing and pulling,” looking away from the camera with an adorable pout, while at the same time, pulling off that perfectly-planned candid shot that we all attempt to do with our phones in private.

Her genetically-gifted visuals and rejuvenating aura definitely lifted the atmosphere of what was otherwise quite a sad post, with the caption stating, “The weather is really nice. I was watching ‘Infinity Challenge.’ I’m missing Korea a lot today…”

The episode of Infinity Challenge that Yuri is referring to is the 90s special episode where the top idol groups of the 90s all gathered and treated long-awaiting fans to a very much overdue night of performances that rocked the 90s and 2000s, with Yuri’s own group Cool being one of the groups to have performed, alongside Jinusean, Turbo, Lee Junghyun, SES, Jo Sung Mo, Uh Junghwa, So Chan Hwee, and Kim Gun Mo. However, Yuri was not able to make it, possibly due to her current U.S residency. However, Cool’s stage was just as enjoyable as ever, with Jewelry’s Yewon filling in for Yuri.

Go and check out her page for more of her visual journey as a mother and wife!