Cosmic Girls covers MAMAMOO’s “You’re The Best” live on “Park So Hyun’s Idol TV”

The girls of Cosmic Girls showcase their vocal talents as they take on a track originally sung by MAMAMOO on Park So Hyun’s Idol TV.

Aired on May 10th, members EXY, Dayoung, SeolA, Soobin and Dawon paired up to sing “You’re The Best,” girl group MAMAMOO’s latest hit released earlier this year in February.

Though their vocals haven’t quite reached the mature tone MAMAMOO has due to their young age, their live cover of “You’re The Best” is performed extremely well as it also shows off their individual vocal color and sass.

Meanwhile, Cosmic Girls has wrapped up their activities for their debut song “Mo Mo Mo” after debuting the track in late February 2016. No words regarding an upcoming comeback has been announced yet but fans can bet they’ll be returning at least once more this year.

Listen to their cover below: