Cosmic Girl’s Dayoung Takes A Selfie With Her “SECRET DAD” On Korean TV Program

Shin Dong Yeob isn’t exactly known for his visuals, but recently the comedian has been known for having a rookie female idol look a like. And on a recent broadcast, the comedian was finally able to meet with Cosmic Girls‘s Dayoung, who netizens have dubbed as his “secret daughter.” As viewers and the show’s cast members laughed at how similar the two really look, the duo prepared a close selca which prompted netizens to agree that the two could really be mistaken for father and daughter.

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[ +641 / -4] I really thought she was his daughter haha They’re the same

[ +381 / -4] They look alike hahahahahaaaha

[ +327 / -6] They look so similar.. It is so hard to look this alike hahahahaaha

Source: My Daily