Crayon Pop to face tough competition with March comebacks

March will be another peak comeback month for the K-pop scene with many girl group’s as well as solo singers making their return this spring. Will Crayon Pop sweep the industry once again?

Along with solo artists, Junsu of JYJ, Brown Eyed Girls Ga In, and Lim Kim, many girl groups like Rainbow, Bestie, DalShabet, FIESTAR, and Crayon Pop have confirmed their comeback for the spring.

Although many are equally looked forward to, Crayon Pop has garnered the most attention with their fresh and unique concepts in the past. Many are wondering if their comeback in March will surpass their long-lasting impact and popularity of “Bar Bar Bar.”

With the usual sexy or cute girl group concepts, Crayon Pop has shown their charm in the industry on a whole new level. Crayon Pop not only captured the national attention with their debut song “Bar Bar Bar,” they have successfully made it to Japan and China with their latest April release “Uh-ee” last year. The girls’ performance with unique stage costumes and eye-catching choreography has definitely established their style in the K-pop scene.

Meanwhile, Soyul of Crayon Pop has announced to enter Sungshin Women’s University for the coming spring semester of 2015.

Source: Herald Corp