Crayon Pop releases cute character avatars for “FM”

After the successful release of their newest track “FM,” girl group Crayon Pop has released cute character avatars for each member. 

With their new track receiving a lot of praise from fans for its creative and hilarious concept, the Chrome Entertainment group surprised fans with cartoons detailing each of the members’ abilities.

Building off their previously known concept of colors for each respective member, “FM” also introduced individual weapons for each girl. With Choa wielding a red sword, Ellin with her pink gun, Soyul with yellow tonfa, Geummi with a blue staff, and Way and her orange knuckles, the chibi Crayon Pop team looks ready for action.

The music video for “FM,” which utilized elements from Power Rangers, Sailor Moon, and more, excited fans with the trademark uniqueness that makes Crayon Pop such a unique group in the industry. Make sure to check out the adorable character avatars for Crayon Pop’s new track “FM” below!

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Posted by 크레용팝(crayonpop) on Friday, March 27, 2015