Crayon Pop show off their heroic poses in “FM” concept photos

In anticipation for their comeback, Chrome Entertainment girl group Crayon Pop released several new concept photos for their upcoming release “FM.”

In line with their video teaser, which featured the girls showing off their new-found super powers and strong dance moves, the members of Crayon Pop strike heroic poses for the two new concept images.

In the first photo, the five members stand in a formation while saluting to the camera, signaling that they are ready for action. In the second photo, which serves as the current cover photo for the group’s Facebook page, the members strike action poses as if they were already in the midst of a battle.

Dressed in leather suits, gloves, and boots reminiscent of the classic Power Rangers television series, the popular girl group definitely look ready to kick some butt!

Although the date has not been confirmed yet, Crayon Pop is speculated to stage their comeback toward the end of the month. Make sure to check out the action-ready concept photos for Crayon Pop’s “FM” below!