Crayon Pop’s Ellin and Bob Girls’ Yujeong pose as Strawberry Milk

Crayon Pop’s Ellin and Bob GirlsYujeong show their support for Strawberry Milk on a recent series of updates on Instagram. On November 4th, Ellin made fans giggle by wearing a strawberry outfit while in Chrome Entertainment’s rehearsal studio, along with a message saying, “To love the strawberry, you must be the strawberry ^^.” Bob Girls’ Yujeong, on the other hand, also updated her account with a selca with Ellin saying, “What would I and Minyoung unnie might be doing????! ehehehehet ^3^ finally a photo with jjang jjang pretty Ellin unnie<3.” 

Fans who have seen their respective posts were left wondering with their updates while some speculated on a possible parody video for Strawberry Milk’s “OK”.

Recently, Chrome Entertainment created Crayon Pop’s first sub-unit, Strawberry Milk, consisting of twins ChoA and Way. The project duo released their 1st mini-album Jackpot on October 15th and promoted the cute, upbeat track, “OK”.

What do you think Ellin and Yujeong are up to?



나랑 민영언니랑 머하게용???!ㅎㅎ히힛^3^♪♬ 짱짱예쁜 엘린언니랑 오랜만에 찰칵♡ @hiellin

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