Crayon Pop’s Soyul releases additional image teaser for “Y-Shirt”

Crayon Pop‘s Soyul has released a second image teaser for her upcoming song, “Y-Shirt.”

After releasing her first teaser image on January 8thChrome Entertainment followed up with a second teaser image the day after.  Soyul’s “Y-Shirt” will be her solo debut song. However, due to Crayon Pop’s comeback in February, Soyul will not be participating in promotions for the track.

In her teaser image, Soyul is sitting on a bed with many cushions around her. With her pinky held up she tells her fans, “Everyone! Crayon Pop’s Soyul will be releasing her song ‘Y-Shirt’ on January 12 at 12PM. Please show ‘Y-Shirt’ lots of love. Promise me!”

Take a look at the cute image teaser here:

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