Crayon Pop’s Soyul releases illustrated image teaser and “Y-Shirt” MV teaser

Crayon Pop’s Soyul has teamed up with Rainbow Bridge Agency to release her solo debut single “Y-Shirt,” and has released the music video teaser for her title track on January 10th. 

Soyul’s image teaser cover features an illustration of the singer, seemingly at the shop wearing a cute blue dress, looking back towards the viewers as she holds up a white long-sleeved shirt in her hands. According to the SNS post, this is an illustrated scene from Soyul’s upcoming music video release.

She continues to tease awaiting fans with a very short video, which shares adorable scenes of Soyul on the set of her music video warmly smiling at the camera.

The single “Y-Shirt” along with its music video will be released on January 12th.

[크레용팝 소율 – 'Y-Shirt (Feat. 양정모)']의 두 번째 일러스트 공개!이번 일러스트는 뮤비의 한 장면을 일러스트화했습니다~!실제 장면은 1월 12일에 공개될 뮤비에서 확인하세요^^#크레용팝, #와이셔츠, #소율, #금미, #웨이, #초아, #엘린

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크레용팝-소율 – 'Y-Shirt (Feat. 양정모)' 뮤직비디오 맛보기 영상!#크레용팝, #와이셔츠, #소율, #금미, #웨이, #초아, #엘린

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