CROSS GENE releases extended video teaser for “Future”

CROSS GENE shows a fun and exciting day through their release of a longer video teaser for their upcoming Japanese single, “Future.”

Popular for both their Korean and Japanese music, CROSS GENE is preparing for their upcoming single, “Future.” The group has announced that they will release three different versions of “Future,” each with its own different album cover photo.

A bright and cheerful song, “Future” shows some exciting moments that the members of CROSS GENE share with each other. In their extended video teaser, the boys are seen running towards a beach and skipping stones in the ocean. Later on, they go and run through the beach and write messages in the sand near the water.

Also taking a visit to the park, CROSS GENE continues to show how much they are enjoying their time together through their day of activities.CROSS GENE mixes both fun and humor while filming for “Future.” The music video is expected to be released on January 14th while the single will be released the following day.

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