Crucial Star releases D-1 image teaser for “Boyhood”

In anticipation for the release of his new album Boyhood, rapper Crucial Star released a D-1 teaser for the album.

Wearing a hoodie and jeans, and standing in front of a light blue background, Crucial Star embodies the theme of his upcoming album. Pairing his outfit with a small scooter and a toy airplane, the rapper’s look is complete and gives an overall feel of innocence and reminiscence.

In addition to the rather simple teaser image, the rapper has also included the track list as a caption to the D-1 picture, revealing that the album will feature six new tracks. In addition to several solo tracks, the album will also include songs featuring artists Jooyoung and Stella Jang.

Make sure to check out Crucial Star’s D-1 teaser below, and keep an eye out for his album, which is set to be released tomorrow (8th) at 12PM KST.