Crush announces “Sofa” comeback with image teaser

On October 24th, Crush revealed an image teaser for his upcoming release, “Sofa.” The single will feature his signature R&B, hip hop sound.

The image teaser shows a pensive side of the artist as his eyes are downward cast. Taken in black and white, the teaser seems to hint that “Sofa” will have a darker and more mature mood. Crush is pictured wearing a black turtleneck, only further adding to the mystery of the track that he will bring fans this fall. The clean and sharp image comes with no other details about the release.

Fans’ expectations are high for this autumn track and they have clearly expressed their anticipation with comments such as “I’M SO EXCITED” and “can’t wait!” The track is said to express a deep longing for love.

Crush will be making his comeback on October 30th.

The title of the track reminds fans of an older photo Crush shared of himself sitting on a red sofa. Crush released his album, “Crush On You” earlier this year and also contributed to the OST for “It’s Alright, This is Love”.

Check out the image teaser below:

Source: Movie Joy