Crying Nut and Dynamic Duo guest star on KBS “I am a Man”

Crying Nut and Dynamic Duo are very similar musically, so it comes as no surprise that they are collaborating as guests for an upcoming episode of KBS I am a Man.

On the recording of the show, the guests came out wearing suits that have appeared in rock or hip hop magazines, full of youthful spirit. But that is not the most interesting aspect of the show, as the guests show a softer side while sharing a few tears with the audience.

The show also seems to have allowed the two groups connect better with their fanbase, as a production assistant told Ilgan Sports on October 27th, “As Crying Nut and Dynamic Duo had appeared on KBS2 TV’s I am a Man as a special rock/hip-hop guest, they have been able to meet with fellow manias.

I am a Man is a show that serves to teach women how it is being a man. They feature many artists as well as real people, who share their joys and agonies in being part of a mostly female society.

Catch the show on Thursdays at 3am or Sundays at 3:20am KST.