Cube Entertainment introduces 3rd member of new girl group CLC, Chang Seung Yeon

Cube Entertainment formally introduces the third member to their upcoming girl group CLC, Chang Seung Yeon, unveiling her profile to fans. 

Previously, the agency shared the profiles for rapper Jang Yee Eun (’98) and sub-vocalist and Thai member SORN (’96).

On March 12th, Seung Yeon’s short profile was uploaded via their official Facebook page, and similar to Yee Eun, is currently attending the Seoul of Performing Arts High School. Seung Yeon stands at 163cm and 46kg with a blood type of A, and takes on the role as lead vocalist and dancer in the group.

Seung Yeon has been training under Cube Entertainment for approximately four years and is known for her outstanding dancing skills. She can easily express any performance she takes the stage with and is skilled in locking.

Fans may have previously spotted her in the streets performing during her trainee days where she could be seen singing along to her guitar playing.

CLC is a greatly anticipated group and were previously nicknamed as “Cube Girls” prior to their debut announcement. With an average age of 18 years, each members have approximately two to four years of training under the agency. The five-member group boasts talents and skills in singing and dancing, which they have honed over the years with the help of street performances.

The new girl group will be making their official debut on March 19th with their first mini-album.

Post by CLC.

Source: TV Report