Cube Entertainment releases statement on concert tragedy with 16 deaths

Cube Entertainment has released a statement, after a concert where 4minute performed claimed the lives of 16 individuals and injured 11 others. While the death count initially was counted at 2, it quickly rose as injures became more severe.

Reports reveal that around 5pm KST on October 17th, a ventilation window collapsed leaving over 25 fans to fall more than 3 stories down a vent during a performance by 4minute. Reports from Wikitree reveal that the fall was roughly 10 meters (3+ stories). Initial reports reveal that the ventilation may have collapsed due to weight, as there were a number of fans who climbed on top of the vent and crowded the area in order to get a better view of the performance.

International media have also picked up on the story, with major broadcasters Fox NewsThe GuardianBBCCNN and more publishing headline stories on the tragedy. The toll has continued to rise, sitting at 16 now with 8 critically injured.

Cube Entertainment has now released a statement, sending their deep condolences. The company said, “There is no way to measure the amount of grief in our hearts… The members and staff didn’t know what had happened during their performance and only learned of the accident on their way back to Seoul. We hope no more people are hurt because of this incident.”

Stay tuned on the condition of the other critically injured concert attendees.

Source: Osen