Cube Entertainment’s rookie girl group CLC to debut this month

Cube Entertainment has recently announced the debut of their rookie girl group CLC to be sometime this month.

According to an affiliated personnel on March 3rd, CLC is set to release their debut album as well as officially embark on promotional actives. Currently, all five members are busy in preparation of their debut stage in March.

Prior to their debut ahead, the rookie girl group has already garnered attention by the name “The Cube Girls” as they appeared as dancers in G.NA’s music video for “G.NA’s Secret” last year. As a result, CLC’s debut is highly anticipated as many wonder how their talents and skills will measure up relative to their doll-like appearances.

Meanwhile, Cube Entertainment has had a six year hiatus on launching girl groups since 4MINUTE’s debut in 2009. Unlike from BEAST, 4MINUTE, and BTOB, CLC is the agency’s first addition of a foreign member in the group. Thus, there is a high possibility that CLC will be aiming for worldwide promotional activities as well.

Source: TV Report