Dalshabet enchants fans in new batch of image teasers for “Joker Is Alive”

On April 8th, Dalshabet released two sets of enchanting image teasers prior to their comeback with Joker Is Alive.

The girl group previously unveiled the tracklist for their mini-album as well. Fans get a glimpse of two very contrasting concepts with these individual and group image photos.

In a red, black, and white themed set, the members give off sexy and intimidating auras as they pose fiercely. Their photos also have strips of red paint slashed across them, upping the intensity of the already powerful shots.

In a calmer, more relaxing set, the members pose against a blue-gray background. Dressed in colorful patterned dresses, the girls take on a more aloof and elegant look in these images.

Dalshabet will be returning to the music scene with this mini-album and title track “Joker” set to be released on April 15th.

Check out their photos here:

dal shabet joker

dal shabet

Source: Naver Music