Dal Shabet and MINX celebrate by “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree”

On December 21st, HappyFace Entertainment shared a video of Dal Shabet and MINX celebrating the winter holidays with “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree.”

Dressed in colorful winter gear, the girls of the two groups are seen enjoying a snowy day outside as they dance and sing together after foreshadowing the release through Facebook a few days ago.

Although it must be cold, it looks like the members are kept warm by their excited spirits and fun personalities. With crazy dances and poses, Dal Shabet and Minx seem to be having a great time.

In addition, the two groups modified the lyrics slightly to give fans personal wishes from HappyFace Entertainment. Their laughter is certainly contagious, ending the video on a pleasant note as they lie in the snow and wish fans a merry Christmas.

Meanwhile, Minx recently impressed fans with a Beyonce cover live on radio and Dal Shabet’s Ah Young has been busy with the drama, Love Frequency 37.2. 

Enjoy their take on the holiday classic here: