Dal Shabet reveals how they take group naps in the practice room

With their comeback fast approaching, Happy Face Entertainment girl group Dal Shabet appears to be working in the practice room until they collapse. 

With a comeback planned for next month, the six members of Dal Shabet showed that they were working hard on their dance moves by updating fans with pictures of the group in the practice room. In a recent picture uploaded by member Ah Young on Twitter, however, the girls appeared to be napping rather than dancing in the room.

The cute photo showed the six girls leaning on each other and pretending to be asleep as they pose in front of the practice room mirror for a group photo. Wearing comfortable clothes perfect for practice, the girls must have wanted to share their tired mood with fans, and show them how hard the group is working to perfect their dance moves.

With the group working so hard for fans, make sure to keep an eye out for Dal Shabet’s comeback, which is set to happen next month!