Dal Shabet shares Ah Young stills from MBC “Love Frequency 37.2”

Behind the scenes photo stills of Dal Shabet‘s Ah Young on the set of Love Frequency 37.2 have been shared on the group’s SNS account. Ah Young currently has the the lead female role for the new MBC drama Love Frequency 37.2, which aired last week on November 12th.

The Dal Shabet Facebook fan page shared some stills of Ah Young working hard on set to make sure she put her best foot forward for the viewers. The collection of photos came with a message for Ah Young’s fans:

#Dalshabet #AhYoung ‘s ‘Love Frequency 37.2’ set stills.

Dal Shabet’s Ah Young’s acting challenge accept! We brought back some stills from the set of ‘Love Frequency 37.2.’ There are various photos of Ah Young where you can see her holding the script and studying hard, acting with seriousness for her scenes, and you can’t forget about Ah Young’s cutesy (gwiyomi) charm!!^^

Please be excited and eager for Ah Young’s charismatic charm! Please always have your ‘Love Frequency’ for Ah Young~~^^

Although Ah Young has been acting for quite awhile, Love Frequency 37.2 is first time she will be taking the lead female role.