Dal Shabet’s Soobin greets her Chinese fans in latest Instagram update

Dal Shabet’s Soobin gives greetings to her Chinese fans through a short video on her Instagram.

After joining Instagram on November 15th, Dal Shabet’s Soobin continuously updated her fans through videos and photos. Her most recent update was targeted towards her fans in China as Soobin made a short video to greet them.

Soobin first says hello to her fans in Chinese and is shortly after joined by Gaeun who helps introduce the two of them. While still speaking in Chinese Gaeun jumps in saying, “We are Dal Shabet!” Giving her final words to her fans, Soobin cheers saying “Fighting!” in Chinese. In attempts to make the situation more lighthearted, Soobin writes in her description, “Gaeun is in the bathroom kekeke.”

Dal Shabet recently came out with a collaboration with the rookie group MINX in the Christmas song “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” where the girls danced and sang in the snow. The girls are also set to make a comeback soon so stay tuned for more details!

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