Dal Shabet’s Soobin joins Instagram!

Soobin of Dal Shabet has finally joined the world of Instagram with two adorable new videos and a food photo for her fans to enjoy!On November 15th, the youngest member of Dal Shabet, Soobin, uploaded two videos and one photo onto her brand new Instagram account.

The first post uploaded was a video of herself along with her fellow group members making adorable poses and facial expressions into the camera while waiting at the hair salon. The hashtag captions for the video read, “#ke #WhatAmIGoingToDo #Joined #Entered #Ugly.

Though the audio clips are cut off in between each slide, it is evident by the words being spoken that the other members are teaching Soobin how to use the app in the first video, “You press the button like this?” “We know you’re not going to upload this,” and, “Only Ahyeong is going to come out pretty, huh?

The second video, which was uploaded shortly after the first, is a clip of Soobin, Ga Eun, and Serri at a restaurant waiting for their orders. The captions for this video are just two simple hashtags, “#food #DalShabet.

Soobin starts off the video with, “We are here to eat!” followed by Serri’s cute outburst, “I want to make a heart with this! Hi!” using the ends of her braids to form a heart shape. Soobin shouts a quick, “No!” but soon asks Serri to show the camera the heart again, in which Serri poses herself and her braids in an attempt to make another heart, “Here it is!

And last, but not least, the third and final post is a photo of the food that the Dal Shabet members had ordered in the restaurant shown in the previous video. The food shown in the photo is what looks to be a delicious plate of creamy seafood pasta with the caption, “Is this what you call #foodstagram? But the funny thing is, I suck at taking pictures.

Many fans who discovered Soobin’s new SNS account began leaving comments such as, “Welcome to Instagram!” “Take lots and lots of pictures of you and your cute face!” and, “That looks so yummy, Soobin~

Hope to see you around more often, Soobin!