Dance your way into the New Year with Crispi Crunch’s new single “Take You Down”

EDM rap duo group Crispi Crunch is back with a new single that hopes to get you on the dance floor with its explosive beat.

After a hiatus of a year and six months, electronic dance and rap group Crispi Crunch is back with their new single “Take You Down”! Crispi Crunch is a very popular electronic dance group who started the “Rice Cake dance” trend, which has since become popular among Korean clubs. Before their last hiatus in 2013, they became even more popular, making connections overseas with other DJs.

Released on December 23rd, “Take You Down” starts off soft tempoed, but becomes explosive with an addicting beat; aiming to get you up and onto the dance floor.

Crispi Crunch also hopes to release various versions of this song later in the year, including a remix and a radio edit version.

play button Listen to Crispi Crunch’s “Take You Down” preview!

Source: MBN TV