Dara and CL celebrate 2NE1’s 7th year anniversary

Despite Minzy’s recent departure, 2NE1’s self-proclaimed PR director, Dara, started celebrating the group’s seventh year anniversary in her own way. 

On May 16th, Dara posted the perfect throwback photo as she updated her Instagram and Twitter account to celebrate the anniversary. Posting a photo of her famous “Lollipop” hair from their “Fire” promotions, Dara only posted a photo of herself with the tag, “#7YearsWith2NE1.” 

The following day, CL also pitched in her own celebratory greeting witthe caption, ” +BLACKJACK ONE LOVE+.” It was noted that the singer included former member Minzy in the update which delighted their loyal fans.

The update gained attention as it coincidentally followed after Minzy announced her exclusive signing with Baek Ji Young’s agency, Music Works

Back in 2009, 2NE1 made their first appearance collaborating with BIGBANG for “Lollipop,” which was soon followed by their debut single, “Fire.”

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