“Dating Alone” to come to an end after three months of airing

JTBC’s romance reality show Dating Alone is to end after three months of airing.

As of April 13th multiple sources confirmed, Dating Alone will come to an end with EXO’s Chanyeol as their last episode.”

Dating Alone, which is a spin-off of Imagination Love Battle from 2012, has garnered much attention for its unique concept as it is based on having a virtual date with a female celebrity shown through a VCR.

The production team has put in much effort to revive the spin-off from its predecessor three years ago, by including 4D missions and switching from female to male celebrity dates. However, due to its unstable viewer fan base, it has been terminated.

Meanwhile, don’t miss the final broadcast of Dating Alone as it will air its last episode with a real dating scene rather than a virtual one with Chanyeol on April 18th.

Source: Kstars