Davichi greets hello from Hong Kong in D-3 image teasers

Duo group Davichi continues to share photos of their time in Hong Kong with fans as image teasers as the date to their new album draws near. 

Giving warm greetings to fans as they wave towards the camera, these new photos give the feeling of a selca as they make their way through Hong Kong.

On their SNS accounts, they write, “[#Davichi #Styling #TwoLove #DavichiStyling] Starting today, three days left everyone. This time the album #TwoLove will be released. Revealing the styling looks of the Davichi members! Bursting of femininity! The bold and daring fashion of Lee Haeri! The style look of the members revealing their own personality! Two photos have been published today for the March 18th release. #Davichi #TwoLove Are you curious about the styling? ^^”.

In one photo, Kang Minkyung and Lee Haeri casually walk towards the camera as they hold onto their trendy purses, waving at the camera with beautiful smiles. Their differing and casual styles is clearly seen with Minkyung going with a longer and more colorful skirt and t-shirt reading “gnarly,” while Haeri wears leather shorts and t-shirt, jacket draped over her shoulders.

Standing at a street corner and a change of outfit in their second photo, Davichi cutely poses for the camera as the tall buildings loom over the two in the background.

Davichi will be collaborating with an “A-class rapper” but no indication as to who it is has been revealed other than a photo of the rapper from the back. “Two Love” will be released on March 18th.

[#다비치 #Styling #두사랑 #다비치스타일링]오늘부터 3일간 여러분들께 이번 #두사랑 앨범에 공개될다비치 멤버들의 스타일링룩을 공개 합니다!캐쥬얼 스포티룩 대표주자 강민경과 여성미 물씬! 다소 과감…

Posted by Davichi 다비치 on Sunday, March 15, 2015