Davichi officially opens their own Twitter account

CJ E&M Entertainment has opened up an official Twitter account for their duo, Davichi, which consists of Lee Haeri and Kang Minkyung. The account will be used to make official statements such as their schedules and follow the group throughout their schedules.

On October 16th CJ E&M revealed the official Davichi account for Twitter. Their first post read, “[Notice] Hello. This is CJ E&M. This is the official Twitter account of Davichi. From now on, you can check the official schedule here so please follow us ^^”

A day later they revealed Davichi’s schedule for the month of October, “#Davichi October events schedule > 23rd(Thursday) Gumi University, 24th(Friday) Yeoju Institute of Technology,  30th(Thursday) Konyang University, 31st(Friday) Kyung Hee University in Seoul / Yuhan College in Bucheon.”

The members of Davichi also helped to further promote the official account via their own individual accounts by posting a photo of themselves as they wave the camera away. Their tweet reads, “Our official Twitter (@officialDavichi) account is open. You will find a lot of good news here.”