Davichi reveals tracklist for “Davichi Hug” mini-album

On January 15th, female vocal duo Davichi gave fans another look into their upcoming mini-album by releasing the tracklist for Davichi Hug.

Featuring the same, heartwarming album cover that fans saw previously, the tracklist shares the titles and composers of the five tracks to be featured on the mini-album.

The tracklist shows five tracks namely “Two Women’s Room,” the first title track “Crying Again,” the second title track “Sorry, I’m Happy,” “To You,” and “Spring.”

The information regarding lyricists and composers revealed that the two members Kang Minkyung and Lee Haeri both partook in the creation of some of these tracks, making the mini-album even more anticipated.

Leading up to this comeback, the girls also shared a music video teaser for “Crying Again” and some behind the scenes photos from the recording studio.

Davichi Hug is set to be released on January 21st so stay tuned for more details!

Take a look here: