Davichi shows off their personal, fashionable styles in Hong Kong photos for “Two Lovers”

The two members of Davichi continues to share their memorable moments while in Hong Kong with their fans, releasing more photos on their SNS accounts.

Members Kang Minkyung and Lee Haeri toured the city of Hong Kong, unveiling their own personal and fashionable styles in the various images.

In her own photos, Lee Haeri is seen wearing a black studded one piece dress that showed off her curves, a long sleeve jacket adorning her shoulders as she holds a cup of ice coffee in her hands. In another, she puts on a denim once piece accompanied with thigh high stockings, and lastly, wears a see through skirt that highlights her long legs in a third.

On the other hand, Kang Minkyung goes for a more casual look, but looks stunning nonetheless. In one image, Kang Minkyung goes for an easy hip-hop look as she dons a black beanie, gold necklace chain, and cameo-like shirt. Sitting at a small outside cafe table, she takes the time to go through her phone, her legs crossed as she wears a miniskirt, fishnet stocking and baseball shirt. Continuing her adventures in Hong Kong even through the night, Kang Minkyung undergoes a wardrobe change with a snapback hat and one piece, white minidress with Lee Haeri sitting across from her.

Davichi is returning with a special single “Two Lovers,” a gift to fans from the duo on March 18th.

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