Davichi teases fans with photo featuring A-class rapper for “Two Love” comeback

After making the announcement that they would be collaborating with an A-class rapper for their upcoming single release Two Love, singing duo Davichi released a teaser photo featuring the rapper. 

Despite the photo featuring the rapper, however, it only captures his back side, leaving the identity of the rapper a mystery to fans. In the photo, the male rapper is seen wearing a denim jacket and a black beanie, and waving to the members of Davichi as they greet him on the street.

In addition to the teaser photo, the duo left a caption for fans, which read, “The questions fall into the second story the spoiler pictures. Shows a rear view of a man indeed who? If you have questions look more and more secretive. Please wait a bit!!^^ #comingsoon.”

“Two Love” is said to be a medium-tempo track that will feature a hip-hop bass and fit the springtime mood. Despite just having made a comeback recently, the duo revealed that the surprise comeback will be a special gift for their fans.

“Two Love” is set to be released on March 18th.